SALEM LUTHERAN SCHOOL: The Anybody Can Play program at Salem offers both violin and cello. Violin may be started at the age of 4 and cello at age 7.

SCHEDULING OPTIONS: Semi-private lessons are scheduled twice a week during school day. Students in grades 5-8 may use their elective periods for lesson times. Private lessons are available once or twice a week. Lessons are also available before or after school on school premises or at instructor studio away from the school premises.

INSTRUCTORS: Salem students are taught by two amazing and super qualified instructors for both violin and cello: Mary Walls and Mihail Pascu

PAYMENTS: Annual payment may be made online or for those who wish, monthly or quarterly installments may also be set up online for automatic withdrawals. For all these options just go to: click "Store", then click on Salem Blackboard.


Anybody Can Play began nearly 40 years ago by Karla Hastings Crossett. From the beginning she targeted the young learner which was not being done by very many at the time. When the Irvine Study later published the benefits derived from early appled music she said it was like reading about her own background because she, unlike most of her generation, was exposed to very early applied music training and was in fact performing in public when she was three-years-old. She always enjoyed math, sciences and languages in addition to her life-long love of music.

Intrigued with the learning process, Karla read Dr. Maria Montessori's books, Dr. Suzuki's books and others, and coupled with the memory of the way she learned to play and read as a young child developed a successful piano and violin curriculum for young children. She had studio programs as well as pre-school programs in her area, then set up a pre-school piano program in the US and Canada for a major piano company in the late 1980's. She used the latest technology at that time - would you believe, audio cassette tapes?! She has continued her interest in technology over the years and is now working on her second inter-active music app which will teach beginners as young as three-years-old how to play the piano using only a tablet, or tablet/computer coupled with a Midi keyboard.

Mrs. Crossett is a conservatory trained musician who plays several instruments, was graduated summa cum laude (in languages) and is married with 5 children, 2 step-children and many grandchildren.


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